Wholesale Pizza Dough Manufacturer

About Us

With over 20 years of experience in the wholesale pizza dough industry, we are a leading manufacturer of artisan frozen pizza dough in New England.  Our 7,000 square foot facility is located in the heart of central Maine and offers blast freezing technology for perfect pizza dough all year long.  We are one of the last commercial manufacturers to remain only semi-automated. This means we still have an employee that places each doughball on a tray to ensure its quality before freezing and others to hand pack each case while folding each bag over to cover the doughball so our customers can thaw a full case at a time while knowing their dough will not creep out of the bag and stick to the cardboard case or worse.   We believe our customers deserve only the best! Whether you choose our recipes or your own custom recipe, you can rest easy knowing you are using a quality pizza dough just as if you made it in house or sometimes even better.

 Quality ingredients, consistency, great taste..........Now that's great pizza! 

Our Products


5oz/80ct -  white or whole grain

8oz/46ct -  white or whole grain

10oz/36ct -white or whole grain

12oz/30ct -white or whole grain

14oz/28ct -white or whole grain

16oz/25ct -white or whole grain

20oz/20ct -white or whole grain

22oz/18ct -white or whole grain

24oz/18ct -white or whole grain

26oz/15ct -white or whole grain

30oz/12ct -white or whole grain

10oz/36ct garlic or basil

24oz/18ct garlic or basil

Pre-sheeted Dough Flats

5oz/75ct - white

10oz/32ct -white

14oz/24ct -white or whole grain

24oz/24ct -white or whole grain

National School Lunch Approved Pizza Products

Delicious, nutritious, and easy to use 51% Whole Grain pizza doughballs, dough flats or prepared pizzas.

24oz/18ct doughball-whole grain or white

3oz/112ct dough flat-whole grain

24oz/24ct dough flat-whole grain or white

24oz/16" prepared pizza- whole grain or white

24oz/16" prepared cheesy bread-whole grain or white

Types of Dough


Easy to use and delicious!  This dough is formulated with unbleached/unbromated flour and natural relaxers to achieve a perfect bake and fresh flavor each and every time!

Pan Style

Deep dish pan or pan pizza ! Superior rising made just for baking in a pan.  This dough can be prepared ahead of time in your favorite pans and allowed to proof in your cooler until your customer places an order!  


Crisp, bubbly, and delicious!  This dough is specially formulated to withstand the extreme high temperatures of a brick oven without overdrying or becoming crackery.  

Contact Us

The Dough Co.

60 Holland St. Lewiston, ME 04240

207-241-0344 or cell 207-576-1769

All in 3 Different Products


  • easy to use
  • no proofing
  • minimal snapback
  • extended 5-7 day life in cooler

Dough Flats

Our same great doughball but pre-sheeted and hand shaped for your convenience.  Save time and money!

Prepared Pizzas

Our great tasting dough flat that we topped with fresh packed pizza sauce and a full 10oz of premium mozzarella/provolone shredded cheese.  The ultimate in convenience and portion control.....thaw, bake and serve!